Trust Administration

Make Sure Your Trust Is Properly Managed

Make Sure Your Trust Is Properly Managed

Arrange for trust administration services in Glencoe, IL

There are a lot of legal obligations that have to be met when maintaining a trust. Thankfully, the Law Office of Norman L. Bloch can help with our trust administration services, available to those in Glencoe, IL and the northern Chicago suburbs.

We can act as the trustee and make sure that your trust is properly administered and maintained. Of course, we'll always communicate openly and honestly with you to make sure you stay informed. Schedule a free initial consultation with our trust administration lawyer today to learn more.

What's included in our trust administration services?

A lot goes into maintaining a trust. Thankfully, you can feel confident that our trust administration lawyer will give you individualized attention and services. This could include:

Filing taxes
Dissolving trusts
Valuing your assets
Creating new trusts
Maintaining fiduciary duties
Making sure all bills are paid
Distributing money and property at the right time
Notifying beneficiaries of any relevant trust issues
Explaining the tax consequences of various trustee actions

Need help managing a trust? Reach out to us today to get trust administration services you can rely on.